Any way to mass effect/paste VM Commands?

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Any way to mass effect/paste VM Commands?

Postby timoteo » Sat Apr 05, 2014 2:30 am

Here is the situation ...

I have a DVD where I need to make calls to over 30-some chapters. I also need those calls to return to the chapter menu after playing that single chapter(s). So, naturally I create a Branch (Chapter Play List) for each and every one. HOWEVER, the chapter selection menu is a motion menu with two cells, second one looping, and I DON'T want the entire animation to play, so I have to have it skip to the second cell.

You normally do this by creating VM commands (one that sets a variable) and the other that reads and compares variables and then does something like "if (GPRM2 == GPRM1) LinkCN 2 (button 1)".

I tried linking all of the Branches to a "RETURN LAST MENU" box, with the VM that sets the variable (in this case GPRM2) to 1. However this did not seem to work (especially if you left before the chapter finished playing). So I had to cut and paste the above script into EVERY SINGLE Branch, which is a PITA. Isn't there some way to mass effect a bunch of items at once. I tried selecting multiple branches, then editing, but that just edited the one I right-clicked on.

I'm open to other, simplified ways of trying to do what I'm accomplishing. I know there are often more than one way to do things, so maybe I'm just not seeing it.

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Re: Any way to mass effect/paste VM Commands?

Postby Vapymid » Sat Apr 05, 2014 1:31 pm

I would just look at the title number in SPRM5 in the menu PRE commands and then go to Cell#2 for the relevant Chapter Playlists...

Something like:

if (GPRM5 == 10) LinkCN 2 (button 1)
if (GPRM5 == 11) LinkCN 2 (button 2)

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