only Audio recognized in a video file

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only Audio recognized in a video file

Postby a1s2d3f4 » Fri Sep 28, 2012 11:36 am

Just noticed a strange thing that I don't remember being the case before.

I am trying to import various AVI files into my media pane, and once they are processed by ES6, they show up as "audio" files (with the speaker icon next to them).
For whatever reason, ES6 is not seeing the video stream.

I uninstalled and reinstalled already.

What should I try to further troubleshoot this?

EDIT: They load and play just fine in any other video app. I have Haali Media Splitter set up to handle things, and when other apps play those AVIs, the splitter brings up ffdshow video(NV12) and audio decoders, whereas when I load those videos into ES6, Haali only brings up the audio decoder.

EDIT2: Disabling AVI support in Haali fixed this problem.
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Re: only Audio recognized in a video file

Postby a.a.gruntpuddock » Sat Jan 12, 2013 9:14 am

I get this but only with the files from my new digital video camera (Traveler DV-5000).

Same thing happens when I load these files into Premier Elements 10.

I downloaded the free version of Serif MoviePlus (Starter Edition) and paid £4.99 for an optional codec pack.

Now I can open the files in MoviePlus and convert them to a format my other digital video editors recognise.
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