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Oscar's Renamer Pro (bugs and trick to open folders)

PostPosted: Thu Oct 27, 2016 12:15 am
by B00ze
Good day Oscar.

I have recently installed Renamer Pro on my new Windows 7 desktop and found a couple bugs, and I have a workAround for right-clicking on Folders and have them opened in Renamer. I realize Renamer is not your best selling program, but I would appreciate if these little bugs were fixed.

The bugs/wishes:

  1. Shell Extension does not support right-click on folders; it should - Renamer works fine when passed a folder, with a little trick...
  2. Shell Extension cannot be made to show only on SHIFT-Right-Click. Considering that I might want to call Renamer only 1 out of 10,000 right-clicks, it seems appropriate that the Renamer choice only appear on Shift-Right-Click.
  3. Renamer is unable to register the Shell Extension if it is not Run As Administrator; it says it registered it but registration fails (this is with UAC enabled).
  4. Renamer should understand "QUOTES" around filenames passed on the command line (not necessarily required, as it grabs the entire command line right now, spaces and all, but I'd feel better if it knew what to do with quoted filenames.)
  5. There is no REFRESH button on the folder list-tree, so that if I start Renamer, browse to some folder in Renamer, then use Explorer to create a sub-Folder of that folder, I have to restart Renamer to be able to see/access the new folder. It might look like a strange usage-pattern, but it happens to me ALL the time on WinXp with old Renamer v1 (on that machine I leave Renamer running 24/7, so I frequently have to restart it to refresh the folder tree).
  6. For some reason, Renamer Pro is unable to open in certain folders - it opens at the "root" of the folder tree instead; try this:
    1. Renamer.exe C:\Users\Administrator\NTUSER.DAT
    2. Renamer.exe C:\Users\Public\Desktop\desktop.ini
Now the trick to make Renamer open folders: Use Send To...
Create a .CMD file with the following inside, then create a shortcut to that script in your SentTo folder and now you can Right-Click -> SendTo -> Renamer on folders or files...
Obviously you have to edit the RENAMER variable so that it points to where Renamer is on YOUR system...

Code: Select all

Set ATTR=%~a1
Set RENAMER=G:\Apps\7x64\DiskTools\OscarRenamer\Renamer.exe
If /I "%DIRATTR%"=="D" ("%RENAMER%" %~f1\*) ELSE ("%RENAMER%" %~dp1*)
REM Renamer does not support quoted parameters but works fine if the whole path WITH spaces is passed on the command line...
REM NOTE that Renamer will ignore some paths (unpredictable) and just open at root of computer...

Thank you.
Best Regards,