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Postby noboss4bob » Sat Nov 07, 2015 8:29 pm

Hello. I am from Easthampton, MA in the USA. A small city in western MA. I have tried various trial versions of DAP over a few years but never spent enough time to really enjoy it. Now I am retired and want to learn and create digital art. I used to draw and paint many years ago as a hobby only. I also worked in graphic arts many moons ago. After I retired I found I didn't have the same interest or skill in traditional art pastimes and digital art seems to be the way to go since I spend a lot of time at a computer. I have some skill with Photoshop and have been using Topaz plugins to create art. I have also tried Snap Art and like it too for some finished artwork. I have been reading the DAP forums to get more insight into the program and I am awed by the art produced here. I hope I can contribute to the forum as time goes on.
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