Thanks & Greetings to all Helping & Sharing Souls here

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Thanks & Greetings to all Helping & Sharing Souls here

Postby nivedhya » Sun Jan 24, 2016 12:27 am

I'm from India. You can call me Audiophile or whatever you feel like. Ardent Music Lover who wish to hear only real Music & not these mp3 which is compressed to core making real music invisible.Have interest in Video also. Buying only original softwares both for Audio & Video not for any profession but to my personal use & taste & trial.Have lot of unfinished Projects. Much more very very ardent book lover also. Looking for time as 24 hrs. is not sufficient. If somebody can loan I can learn more.Anyhow Thank you all who gives ideas & opinions without inhibitions. I love to be in Forums & in this also.
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