ES6 multicam,Zoom R16,PresonusStudio free

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ES6 multicam,Zoom R16,PresonusStudio free

Postby backporch » Fri Jan 04, 2013 1:10 pm

Thought this youtube clip (link at bottom of letter) may be of interest to EditStudio 6 music multicamers to view, who might be looking to upgrade their eqipment to have control of individual audio feeds to their clips or then can add additional sound from their camera mics as well.
CAMERAS:Looking at the band from the front; LH static cam MVX10i, RH static cam MVX30i, Front cam operated XM2, RH cam operated XM2.
AUDIO into Zoom R16: Bass guitar, line out from amp; Lead guitar,line out from amp (post effects),fiddle from mixer, accoustic guitar from mixer,vocals from mixer,drums from harmony mic,via mixer (harmony mic not used in this song), otherwise RH static cam mic would have been used, accompanied with some overspill pick up.
All audio is from Zoom R16 with just a touch of reverb on vocals added in PresonusStudio. (Might use some cam audio later)
Left of stage (high) Led light 312AS which has variable control of light and colour and magnetic filter plate. Find these lights last for at least 2 x 1hr sets, and have another one on order.

Audio from R16 was then edited on Presonus Studio One Free and the subsequent mixdown wav file added to ES6 into the Music line and synced to a cam audio. Presonus Studio One Free loaded straight away on my Win 7 Pro x 64 pc and I find it easy to use with some help from Presonus youtube clips from Guthrie Thomas ,whose music clip samples reflect my taste and needs. The Cubase LE5 supplied with Zoom R16 was problamatic to install so was discarded.
Hope you like the music and simular taste music is up on my site. Only two newest clips up have R16 audio as we are still trying it out.
Regards Geoff
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