Ex-MMBiers Please Look

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Ex-MMBiers Please Look

Postby Shafayat » Wed Oct 27, 2010 1:33 pm

Hello Folks

This is a common message to all former mmbforums users. I hope everyone is alright and are doing great in their individual lives.

Oh! I miss those good old days! And I know you miss them too! So, I thought, why not make a photo Album to remember those memories.

So, here's the plan. We'll make a photo album (swf slideshow + printable version) as a token of friendship and appreciation to all those former members who are interested. For this we'll need the following for every member -
1. MMBforums NickName
2. Avatar
3. Real Name (only if user permits)
4. Real Life Picture (only if user permits)
5. Contact Information (only if user permits)

Every ex-MMBier is hereby requested to post a reply to this thread with the required information and graphics.

And Everyone is encouraged to spread thhe news to other ex-MMBiers that they are still in contact.

Thanks Everyone
Let's make this dream a Reality!
I'm not using this account anymore. To contact me, use this ID - ishafayet
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