SQLite, HTML output and some comparsion

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SQLite, HTML output and some comparsion

Postby Nigg » Mon Mar 20, 2017 5:44 pm

Hey guys,

I have some database here:

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html_file$ = '<SrcDir>\table.html'
SQL$ = 'SELECT some_id, some_other_id, some_name, some_info FROM blah;'

I fetch the information from SQLite and then I do some text-file HTML output with the database entries:

Code: Select all
  For i=1 To Rows
    Rows$[i] = GetArrayItem(Results$,Delimiter$,i)
    Rows$[i] = Rows$[i] + '|'
    NumberOfFields = GetArrayNum(Rows$[i],|)
    some_id$ = GetArrayItem(Rows$[i],|,1)
    some_other_id$ = GetArrayItem(Rows$[i],|,2)
    some_name$ = GetArrayItem(Rows$[i],|,3)
    some_info$ = GetArrayItem(Rows$[i],|,4)
    html_line1$ = '<tr>'
    html_line2$ = '<td>' + some_id$ + '</td>'
    html_line3$ = '<td>' + some_other_id$ + '</td>'
    html_line4$ = '<td>' + some_name$ + '</td>'
    html_line5$ = '<td>' + some_info$ + '</td>'
    html_line6$ = '</tr>'
    ReturnVal=StrToLine(html_file$, html_line6$, 2, FALSE)
    ReturnVal=StrToLine(html_file$, html_line5$, 2, FALSE)
    ReturnVal=StrToLine(html_file$, html_line4$, 2, FALSE)
    ReturnVal=StrToLine(html_file$, html_line3$, 2, FALSE)
    ReturnVal=StrToLine(html_file$, html_line2$, 2, FALSE)
    ReturnVal=StrToLine(html_file$, html_line1$, 2, FALSE)
  Next i


Now I want to realize a comparison with some registry values. In the Windows registry, I have some variables like:

some_id_53 with value 1 .. but at this moment, I dont know their names.

The comparison-code should do something, if there exists a variable in registry in relation to one or more SQLite query results. For example, changing the HTML output:

Code: Select all
html_line2$ = '<td color="red">' + some_id$ + '</td>'

Any ideas how to achieve that?
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