My programs started to hang

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Re: My programs started to hang

Postby Byteman3D » Tue May 03, 2011 2:48 am

You know I converted all my bitmap objects to hotspots and with replace image command I replaced them with embedded jpgs or bmp s. However nothing's changed. (Except the time to find out where I can change the bitmap - I mean the point where I placed the replace image command :)

I started to think if I'm doing something wrong here, although I asked before, I feel like I need to confirm because these images are replaced on page load but hotspot is on master layer on one of them. They're also loaded on page load but they re not replaced as you switched to another page.

Feel free not to reply if nothing else is required and bitmap replaced hotspots are ok on their own whether on ordinary pages or master layer or master page.
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Re: My programs started to hang

Postby enchant » Tue May 03, 2011 1:07 pm

Hi...I seriously feel your pain...most of the time solutions are proffered on the forum and I know the solution is somewhere in your code. Some advice though; have you tried running your app from another PC to know for sure if the problem isn't system related? Sometimes some processes in a program code requires time for completion before others are initiated; have you tried adding some Pauses("") somewhere in your code so as to allow your program flow the way they are meant to...these Pauses can be placed in your start page script so that all necessary process will run first...let your program run with specified timing...I mean you should control the program following your laid down structure or algorithm. You can as well take time off from your project and focus your mind on something that when next you decide to continue, you'd see it with a new "eye" or perspective and then you can do some addition and subtraction(debugging) until you find the problem.

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Re: My programs started to hang

Postby dgilmour » Tue May 03, 2011 3:28 pm

Avoid to use Pause in any script you make, this is just bad suggestion that will only increase CPU time.
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Re: My programs started to hang

Postby Byteman3D » Thu May 05, 2011 8:35 am

Thank you both. I might have said this before on several occasions:

I remember my old mmb use. It was the "one and only" Windows software I've used that works seamlessly. No hangs- no problems, even on the most complex project mmb was unbelievably "Working!"

One of my almost ten year old projects, which never hung a single time, did hang last week on customer's laptop. The very same type of hanging. Last modification date shows 2006. It's before Windows 7. I don't think it's about the code inside, it's simply a program crash, very likely on windows7-and more probably on 64 bit version. Delboy says he has no hangs and I remember him saying he tests on 32 bit win 7. (Nevertheless there is still a great chance that it may be one of the times when no hanging incident occurs for several minutes. On that case he might just, "not have experienced" it.)

Sometimes it starts at the very beginning. I just run mmb and execute the program. Just as I move over a "bitmap button" it hangs. (no pressing necessary for the hang)
It always hangs on buttons (all of which are bitmap buttons on my projects), nevertheless it might not mean it's related to buttons, It may be the point when hanging manifests itself.

Once it happened this way: A button didn't operate but did not hang. I clicked 3 or 4 times. over and pressed form of the bitmap button showed correctly, but button didn't take me to where it has to. I clicked on another button and it hung.
This was the only different type of hanging I experienced. Normally it hangs as you press or even on mouseover. Button sound starts to loop if it started to play before crash and even the mouse gets stuck for some time. When it's free you see cpu running %50. That is one funny thing: This is a quad processor computer. %50 means 2 cores are working.

I turned of all cores and left 1 on for the program. It's been half an hour of clicking from one button to the other no hangs. But I know it's just coincidence. I've had this fake relief several times.

Ill try deleting all bitmap buttons and converting all to ordinary windows buttons.
If it still happens I'll delete tests with matrices in it.

I don't have any other distressing components I believe.
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Postby Byteman3D » Thu May 05, 2011 3:39 pm

I checked the program today on an XP machine. Eventually there seems to be no no problem. Then I googled "program hangs in 64 bit windows" and look what I found:
Not about mmb, but about a visual basic app. on 64 bit windows, the guys define the exact same experience. Same hanging, same 50% cpu use :D and finally below is their explanation :

After a lot of buildings with differents paths in the code, we found a method that enables the tooltips on a Farpoint Spread v7 with the methods (textTip/textTipDelay):

Code: Select all
fpspreadControl.TextTip = TextTipFloating 
fpspreadControl.TextTipDelay = 250

This control is contained on a Form that never unload, only we hide it. If we unload the form or we comment these two lines of code, the problem disappears. Maybe Matt had the right path to the solution, some Timer in the control that launch the tooltip event hangs or hooks something in the system.

Here is the URL of the forum that I found:

We'll be grateful, with many mmb users who prefer the 64 bit windows version, If any of the experienced programmers around can help us find a way out.
May be something that disables tooltips from Windows registry...
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Re: My programs started to hang

Postby Delboy » Fri May 06, 2011 5:02 am

Hmmm Interesting

Maybe fix for now, you could use ToolTip Plugin and disable ToolTips ;)
then retry for hang

or Compile the tooltip demo test see if it hangs with tooltips enabled then disable them and see what happens, Good luck m8
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Re: My programs started to hang

Postby Byteman3D » Thu Jul 13, 2017 10:11 am

Just spoken early - I thought I ve found the reason of the hangs but no.

Here is the latest update with videos.!yRoXnTKB!qhb-milpkdZms6r1_lHeAA
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