I just Thought Of This...MMB VideoCAM CHAT

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I just Thought Of This...MMB VideoCAM CHAT

Postby CodeHouse » Thu Apr 05, 2012 10:28 am

Don't laugh because this is crude!!!..Here goes: Imagine two or more systems LAN-Connected so as to share a common folder. Use Webcam Plugin to create a program in MMB That would Record Video and Sound of User 1; User 1 clicks on a Send Button which sends the newly recorded video of User 1 into common folder. User 2 gets an alert that a video is available with the help of a script that checks common folder for a new video, User 2 plays this video via a media player created with mmb as part of the program(not with other media player but the one wit the installed program), User 2 sends a newly recorded video and overwrites the first video, User 1 also gets an alert and the cycle goes on...


Instead of 1 common folder, there'll be 2 folders, say VIDEO 1 & VIDEO 2, for User 1 AND 2 respectively...So User 1 records a video into VIDEO 1 and User 2 plays vide from there only and User 1 plays video from VIDEO 2 folder only, well this time to make look more real-time...On program Exit, both folders are then silently emptied...Like I said I just thought of it....and I know it's a lot different from the usual skype, Yahoo chat...but what can't be done

Thanks for reading...
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