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Question about how to retrieve work if program crashes?

PostPosted: Mon Jul 01, 2013 12:00 am
by megabizzy
Hi! 'anyone'

Is there a way to 'retrieve' or 'restore' my 'last project' worked on after my computer crashes
while inside the program?

Is there a setting I can set. I know if Real Draw Pro, the program asks you if you want to restore
your last image work (if it has crashed or had to close)...

I have windows 7 and I check the 'temp' files, but doesn't show any image work from Photo Blend...
Maybe there is another place that I can look for the files on my computer?

I really need a restore feature with Photo Blend...maybe it is a simple setting that I don't know
about ...but would like to know how to do it? Hope someone here knows how?

Thank you,
Lyn (megabizzy)

Re: Question about how to retrieve work if program crashes?

PostPosted: Thu Jul 18, 2013 4:07 am
by megabizzy
Request for update feature

Oscar, please, I desperately need a restore feature with your next update of PhotoBlend?

When the programs shuts down in the middle of my work (sometimes I get involved with my creativity and forget to save)...
so I need the program to automatically save (when crashing) and offer me a backup option (like Real Draw Pro does).

Also, request number 2:
I also need a 'packaging' feature or 'grouping' feature, so I can move around 'all' of my pieces at the same time, without having
to move each separate piece to a new location on my backdrop. Like maybe I decide that the whole thing (with all of my pieces)
needs to move up, down, or sideways on my backdrop.

Hope you will be doing another PhotoBlend update soon... I will glad pay whatever you ask.
Thank you and I still love PhotoBlend and Real Draw Pro and use them both EVERY DAY in my work...LOVE THEM BOTH!
Thank you
megabizzy (Lyn)