are calculations single-threaded?

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are calculations single-threaded?

Postby dermesut » Mon Dec 06, 2010 9:41 pm

i just found out about this software and am trying out the trial right now. i really like it very much.
there's one thing that i'd be interested to know: while calculations proceed, the task-manager indicates that only very little of the processor power is being used. so in wondered why those calculations are single-threaded only?
or is this a restriction of the trial version and after purchasing a license the software would use all the cores available?
multi-threaded would be great, because it seems that rendering out a lot strokes can take quite a long time on one single core.

i haven't been able to find anything related in the documentation nor have i had success with the search features on this forum.

thx in advance.
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Re: are calculations single-threaded?

Postby dermesut » Wed Dec 08, 2010 5:38 am

i will have to correct myself - or at least be more specific... it seems, it's not single-core calculations.
it 'seems' that all cores are being used, but only in a way as if only one thread would be working at full power.
here's a scrcapture of the task-manager.

meanwhile someone on an other forum answered my question whether this is trial-limitation or not.
and it seems that also the licensed version does not use the full processer power, which is a pity, since it takes quite a long time to render out millions of strokes.

if there are any developers on this forums:
are there plans to make (almost) 100% use of all cores, so that calculations would be x-times faster?

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