dear OSCAR please and please and please ...

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dear OSCAR please and please and please ...

Postby smmsamm » Mon Jan 17, 2011 11:18 pm

Hi Dear oscar, my english is not good
please and plea....
In new version add new options in aop dialog
the first option is the most important for new ideas and easiest option for you
01- Brushes can overlap yes/no
in painting if overlap is off brushes dont paint on each other

if you can add these also
02- If brushes must not overlap each other how much space between two brushes?
03- Easy add canvas with preview
04- A larger icon and preview to aop creator for easy use in the main program
05- A better list for aop with better preview and help
06- A better memory manager
07- Don't limit the brushes to 3000x3000
08- Vector brushes
09- A simple batch file mode for making paints pictures with different aop and options and shut down the pc
10- Custom frame maker for example circle with getting a mask picture
11- Save and load masks
12- Dynamic light and shadow for each brush stroke, we able give it x,y of light in front of canvas and each brush detect the light source and make a different ligh and shadow
13- Now each stroke is like a point, if you could detect and draw curves each time instead simple straight stoke
14- pause for today and exit the program and run and continue another day
15- Simple dynamic options for aop (now many options must changed in aop not in the painting mode)
16- multi processor and 64bit
17- now the brushes must change in the 3000x3000 picture in aop, why can't I select a folder with different size png files for brushes before start painting
18- Straight,Curve and shapes manual draw mode for manual painting, now I can not a straight draw in right mouse click mode
I know that you don't make these option but please make the first option ever.
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Re: dear OSCAR please and please and please ...

Postby mhwarner » Tue Jan 18, 2011 2:04 pm

And you'd like all of this for only $49.95 US?
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Re: dear OSCAR please and please and please ...

Postby lylejk » Tue Jan 18, 2011 4:00 pm

A few of these has already been suggested. I do like the idea of disabling brush crossover which would be benificial for mosaic like renditions (I have a few AOP like my coins that would benifit from this). Still, Mary said it best. Limited resources. The more features, the higher the cost. If I was a rich man, I would pay more to add these features, but I'm not. I'm sure Oscar is working on additional future software packages too to make some money since even DAP is a niche like product with lot of cost but not that many sales. Even if you assume 100 times more folk purchased DAP then actually participate on this forum, it's still not that many sales. Sad fact that money makes the world go around. :)
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Re: dear OSCAR please and please and please ...

Postby anecessaryevil » Tue Jan 18, 2011 5:19 pm

One thing Oscar could do in his huge amount of spare time ;) is pick 3 - 6 of those or his own ideas and release them as an expansion package for DAP. Price it at $10 - $15 and they would probably sell. Whether they would sell enough to be worth his time is something else again. Plus, of course, I do not know if the architecture is such that expansions in that manner are workable.
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