Better Model for Inside Lighting on Materials Tab

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Better Model for Inside Lighting on Materials Tab

Postby westes » Sun Dec 28, 2014 8:58 pm

The Materials tab contains an option to use Inside Lighting, and then you can control three lights. While very powerful, I think that this feature should be generalized to let us control:

1) Position of the light.
2) Orientation of the light (how is lighting pointed from its position).
3) Intensity of the lights.
4) RADIUS of the light.

Currently we can change the position and the intensity. Of the requested features, being able to change RADIUS is a key request. I need to control how big the brightest portion of the light is.

In addition, two more requests:

1) We should be able to zoom out and see the position and radius features on the entire painting, before applying it. It's too cumbersome to make these changes on a zoomed in view. It takes 30 minutes to do what you can do in five minutes with a more global view.

2) We should be able to create a large number of distinct light sources and populate them in the painting. That would give us full shadow and lighting control in any image.

In playing with this, I think you have created something enormously powerful! If you let us create many different lights and control all of the elements I give above, it would give a MUCH MORE POWERFUL and EASY to use paradigm than Photoshop. Photoshop is about creating selected regions and applying manipulations to those, but the interface I am describing would be trivial to use, easy and intuitive to manipulate, and very powerful in the lighting effects it could create.

Related to all of this is you need to figure out a way for us to reload paintings we have created - together with the source image and the painting settings - so that we can continue to retouch and do material and lighting manipulations far into the future, far after the image is first painted. There are some things that are just easier to do in DAP than in Photoshop.
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