Strategy For Printing at Reduced Sizes?

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Strategy For Printing at Reduced Sizes?

Postby westes » Sun Mar 26, 2017 9:48 pm

When I take a DAP painting created on a 16 megapixel canvas, and I try to print it at a reduced size, the image starts to look like a photograph, and most of the brush strokes get smoothed out. It loses much of its beauty as a result. What is the best strategy if you want to be able to print the painting either large or small size, and still have the essence of the brush strokes be seen?

Do I have to paint different paintings, each of them at the target printing size? In other words, is the DAP painting only going to look most like a painting when I print it at a 1:1 to the original painted image and do not attempt to reduce the size?
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Re: Strategy For Printing at Reduced Sizes?

Postby LigH » Mon Mar 27, 2017 2:30 am

Indeed, separate brush strokes are only recognizable obviously enough when they have a minimum size and distinctiveness. Painting on a smaller canvas is one way to achieve that; in a certain range, you may also try to increase their size range, or edit the size graph to paint large strokes for a longer time, or shift the detail slider, or use fewer strokes so fewer will overlap (with the risk of gaps).
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