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Postby mhwarner » Mon Jan 10, 2011 6:57 pm

When I am creating an AOP, one of the practices I use is that after I initially create it, if I want to add a different color palette only (and I typically use the same color blocks but modify them with different filters for texture or overlays and blends), without modifying the brushes, I leave the name of the AOP as is. Then I can fiddle with different palettes to achieve the look I like best. If necessary, I may also fiddle with the settings in the main program itself (perhaps saturation, amount of details, optimal running time, etc. If I deem that a change should be made in one of these settings in the template, or if I decide to modify the brush palette, I will bring in my original AOP to the template tool and rename it to a new version number. I usually also create one or more sample paintings. After I am reasonably happy with the AOP, I go pack through my sample paintings to see if there is a version that just didn't work and I will usually delete that version of the AOP and then the associated painting. Occasionally I keep some of the AOPs but put them in a separate directory so that they don't show up in my AOP list in DAP. Usually, though, I never go back to them as I seem to learn more and more with each new AOP I develop.
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