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Suggestions : Undo/Redo and Default Save filetype

PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2012 5:07 am
by steptoe
Been playing with this today and liked some of the things I had changed, but after changing something that didn't look right I then found there isn't an undo option such as CTRL+Z for undo last operation or even better undo/redo each step with a definable buffer of say the last 20 operations as used in the vast majority of software that tries to use this key combination, so I had to try to remember what I had changed to get the result before I screwed it up which obviously I couldn't after making multiple subtle changes to my HDR

I've used this to see exactly what the difference is between something I have changed in some editing software by using the undo/redo option and if I am happy with the results

Also, how about having a default option for filetype saved, instead of defaulting to JPG. Perhaps a lossless format instead of lossy after all that hard work you might have put in taking the images to start with than having it saved as a lossy format so if you want to edit in something like LightRoom or PhotoShop for final tweaking you have already lost some detail

Thanks, great software and better results in a shorter space of time than other HDR software I have looked at