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DPHDR 6 released

PostPosted: Tue Mar 03, 2015 2:40 pm
by Oscar
The DPHDR 6 has been released.

It is quite a different from DPHDR 5 but I believe you will be very pleased by the superb workflow it offers. It is advised to keep the DPHDR 5 installed at least for some time until you become familiar with the DPHDR 6.

DPHDR 6 adds a lot of new functionality. All the effects from v.5 are there, but now they offer far more customization but also they are used very differently. The manual tries to point to the these differences.

There are very few areas that had been removed (at least temporary) or changed for the better functionality

- all effects are applied in the Effect step, that includes de-noising, Mysterious light etc... The HDR tone-mapping is now exclusively for HDR tonemapping only.
- The painting of HDR effect with brush had been temporary removed (I am judging where it would fit best, my idea is to put a manual mask paint layer in the effects and so it can be used for many other things)
- there is no video hdr - this was experimental and I don't think anybody will miss it. It is just not going to work in 64-bit version
- pin warping had been removed. It was very limiting and confusing (even for me) With today fast cameras and your steady hands there should be no need for this.
- the batch process works more like a batch process should. The v. 5 worked more like a delayed re-calc not as a batch. DPHDR6 batch is simple, create your workflow, add bunch of image sets or even just single images and run it through.

I will be addressing any v.6 issues in quick updates over upcoming weeks.

Note: photobee is no longer included (it is 32-bit app and the Effect layers in DPHDR6 are far more powerful). However it is not gone forever, DPHDR6 has an option to run the output in any external editor (menu Edit->Send Output to....). If you really like photobee, you can just keep the photobee.exe, apih.dll and exiftool.exe somewhere on the disk and add the photobee.exe menu entry to the DPHDR6 (Edit ->Send Output to...->Manage, the rest should be obvious)

Tip: The DPHDR6 can process single files in batch as well. When you use a clean process such as HDR Fusion, you can use DPHDR6 just as an image batch Effect processor - adding effects, text, logo, etc. without doing the HDR.

Upgrade Option from v.5 : Enter your DPHDR 5 reg. number and it will open upgrade page.

Re: DPHDR 6 released

PostPosted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 1:27 pm
by Oscar
Quick update to version 6.01
- fixed a keyboard mess when in the image browser - while to select multiple files you don't need to hold shift or control keys, however holding shift would scroll the browser to top which was confusing. Also fixed Home, End, Pg Up and PG Down keys.
- drag and drop from explorer. Now you can drag and drop images from explorer to either main window when in Files tab, or the file list on the left side of it.

Re: DPHDR 6 released

PostPosted: Tue Mar 10, 2015 9:31 pm
by andydansby
Hi Oscar:

Found a bit of a bug. I sent you a PM describing it.

Andrew Dansby

Re: DPHDR 6 released

PostPosted: Fri Mar 13, 2015 1:45 pm
by Oscar
This is related to thepresets from beta that are not compatible with the release. I sent you instructions how to clean it up (or you may just delete those presets)

Re: DPHDR 6 released

PostPosted: Thu Dec 17, 2015 12:16 pm
by Elizabeth1
I use DPHDR for some of my night HDR, and some daytime HDR as well. It depends how the image looks. It often creates more natural looking skies. I advice aurorahdr or photomatix or hydra for such things. i like hdr a lot so i now try testing different soft :)