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Postby splatt1 » Fri Jan 21, 2011 11:05 pm

Well it's been a good while since Iv'e been here and I'm sad to see how MMB has been deserted by Oscar despite the support of it's users. I've used MMB for some years now as an educational aid in developing multimedia projects. Always so much better than Powerpoint and much easier than Director, MMB has allowed me to produce 'OMG, How DID you do that?' resources with little real technical (programming) knowledge. Alot of enthusiasm on my part and bags of generous support from forum members has really made MMB my app of choice for so many projects. It's still loaded and ready to roll alongside Real Draw, with which it integrates beautifully, but why no development?

As for Mediachance; Oscar, I've tried 'Dynamic Auto Painter' . Let's be honest , it's S**t , embarrassingly pedestrian, useless, pointless and has NO (0%) artistic merit whatsoever. Does it create art? NO NO NO NEVER! Sad rubbish, Yes! Be Honest, with yourself at least!
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