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Postby photopsnz » Fri Mar 15, 2013 4:43 am

I'm creating collages with Photoblend. I had been using several dedicated Collage apps, or programs that had a collage option, but none did everything I required.

Create a backdrop image (plain, coloured, or an image) of the size you will need for your collage, like A4, A1 etc - if you don't know the dimensions look them up (on Google) .

Load the images you need into the sources side.

For each one select how much you will want to be a part of your collage, and if you require edge blending remove some of the edges with the feather eraser and then place the edited sources where required on the backdrop. Continue until finished!

Simple effective and elegant!

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Re: Collage

Postby Maathai Wangari » Thu Mar 21, 2013 5:55 am

What type of dedicated Collage apps you have tried? I am interested in a program that has collage programs options.

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Re: Collage apps

Postby photopsnz » Sat Mar 23, 2013 6:55 pm

First I tried Microsoft Auto-Collage ... it does wonderful edge blending. They want US$20 to get full app with no watermark, but here in NZ they want NZ$36!!! Apart from that gripe, it's very good .... BUT ... the edge blending has a downside which is that it's difficult to tell where images begin and end. You can't move the pics around, but you can get as many random refreshes as you want very easily.

Next I tried Pearlsoft CollageIt Pro version 1.8.xx. I forget what I paid. It does practically everything you can imagine EXCEPT edge blending. And it's easy moving individual images but it also has several instant refresh options. So far it's the best overall. But you need to avoid v. 1.9.xx as they've removed the rotate image option. And the newest version of Picture Collage Maker is rubbish (IMHO). Get V 1.8.7 (I think it's 7) ... you will have to search for this, it's an older edition. Why do these guys spoil a perfectly good app by REMOVING useful functions?

I also tried Ashampoo Picture Collage maker ... quite good, you can get a full function trial. I didn't bother to keep it, but try it!

There are several other Collage makers, including Picasa which has a lot of useful features, and I'd say you might like to try that for free.

You should Google Collage Apps to see what others you can find

On the web: LunaPic does it, but could be a trifle slow if you want a mega collage (up to a dozen of so would be OK).

Let me know what you find out.

PS I have not persevered with PhototBlend as a collage maker as it's too fiddly to align all the pics, and getting edge blending for dozens of photos is very demanding, and placing them in good positions is tiresome. It's not what PhototBlend is designed for!

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Re: Collage

Postby photopsnz » Wed Mar 27, 2013 5:30 pm

Thanks Oscar for including the text object ... I was (previously) looking for it before I knew you had added it!

It makes a big difference to being able to make a collage! So that's now a good possibility.
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