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Windows Explorer Instances

Postby Sk8cynic » Fri Jul 12, 2019 12:48 pm


I have a script that launches Windows Explorer from a button and brings up the <SrcDir> Run("EXPLORER.EXE","<SrcDir>")

It works just fine but is there a way to limit Windows Explorer to just one instance through an MMB script or other means? I don't want to launch multiple instances of Windows Explorer or have to make sure I close each session and re-launch Explorer so as not to have several or more instances running at the same time. I've looked through the forums and on-line but forcing Explorer to close seems to cause other problems in Windows.

Thanks for any help!
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Re: Windows Explorer Instances

Postby weakzone » Mon Jul 15, 2019 10:56 am

Dear Sk8cynic,

I'm not understand your requirement. Please write your requirement with simple sentence also image.

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Re: Windows Explorer Instances

Postby Sk8cynic » Mon Jul 15, 2019 1:46 pm

Hi Weakzone,

Thank you for your reply.

Some additional info:

I have a button that launches the script Run("EXPLORER.EXE","<SrcDir>"). When the button is clicked, Windows Explorer opens to the <SrcDir> which is what I want. The user can then drag and drop an mp3 music folder into a player window. However, each time the button is clicked, a new instance of Windows Explorer opens. If enough instances of Windows Explorer are opened, the computer will eventually hang or crash. An experienced user usually knows better than to open Windows Explorer more than once but users with limited skills don't know any better and get into trouble.

Perhaps another way way to accomplish the task would be to load the <SrcDir> folders and sub folders into an adjacent list box and then allow a folder to be dragged and dropped into the player window from the adjacent list box. I tried using the plugin "Foldy.dll" which allows the listing of folder in a list box. This might work if I can figure out how to permit dragging and dropping mp3 folder contents from the adjacent player list box with this plugin. That does, however, limit the search to the <SrcDir> and users wouldn't be able to search elsewhere for other music folders. Also, with two list boxes, I can't really make the page bigger than it already is because some users have their monitors set as low as 800 x 600 or event 640 x 480 and will not change it or don't know how. I'm aware that MMB has feature to try and change screen resolution but that might freak some people out...:)

I am presently using the script "PluginRun("Drag'n'Drop PlugIn","AcceptFiles")" to drag and drop mp3 folders from Windows Explorer (after it is launched with the button) into the player window. This uses the Dragn'Drop.dll" plugin. It works well and accomplishes what I need. It's just the Windows Explorer instance thing that I need to deal with.

Sorry for the long post....
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