MMB Recovery Campaign!! <---------** send your comments

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Re: MMB Recovery Campaign!! <---------** send your comments

Postby Yuraj » Fri Feb 16, 2018 5:01 pm

Hi all,
(I am MMB veteran) I think It would be much easier to rewrite MMB from scratch (because of obsolete/"unmodern" code) and main priority would be making It compatible with project files created in MMB. Only some MBD file format documentation would be helpful or sharing the binary file structure source code.

Possible plan to revive MMB:
-> first essential thing is to obtain MBD file format documentation or part of the source code from MMB creators (also get permission to use the format or MMB product name)
-> select technology - C# WPF, JavaFX, QT C++ - I would choose between JavaFX for simplicity and crossplatform or QT as an alternative; making It crossplatform is important here (win, mac, linux)
-> make It opensource on github and anyone can contribute
-> make similiar UI like MMB but modernize It
-> make sure that MMB mbd files are compatible (we could make own format or use mbd but we will be limited then - maybe import mbd project would be enough)

It is not an easy task to replicate entire functionality of original MMB - It could take many months but the more people will help the better :) (I have fulltime job as programmer but this is OK as free time sideproject for me)
If there are enough people who would contribute - count me in then. I would bootstrap the project If we make a deal :)

Vote in poll please:

BTW: I have been using MMB in my early years and created many plugins and tools
PS: If the things will start to move on - we can create a discord or slack channel about the plans and development.
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Re: MMB Recovery Campaign!! <---------** send your comments

Postby tiniko » Thu Mar 29, 2018 12:32 pm

I am very supportive of the mmb upgrade. I love this language very much
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Re: MMB Recovery Campaign!! <---------** send your comments

Postby rikintosh » Tue May 15, 2018 8:10 pm

I think MMB can be redone from an MMB project! I have created complex programs in the past, developed a coreldraw-like software on mmb, and even a software designer tool kit, which consisted of using the mmb player to develop and distribute projects created within a mmb project.
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