Can DLP work with 24p files in NTSC projects?

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Re: Can DLP work with 24p files in NTSC projects?

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Can you make a short clip of your problematic material and send it to me? - I'll see if I can figure out what the problem is...


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Re: Can DLP work with 24p files in NTSC projects?

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I'll definitely do this.
However, I reckon it is Pilot Error on my part in CCE-SP3.
I ran the same material using the EXPORT function out of PPro CS5.5, which bypasses the AME & uses the inbuilt MainConcept encoder.
Set to match project/source settings & tweaked bitrate to a 6k CBR, and this has worked perfectly in DLP.
CCE-SP3's output was terribly glitchy, so it has to be my mistake......
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Re: Can DLP work with 24p files in NTSC projects?

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Just a guess from side without having the chance to look at samples:

If one wants to get native (or properly restored) 24.000fps footage on DVD
I would suggest a simple AviSynth way:

AviSynth Assumefps 23.976 (24/1001), then let CCE do its job.
Frames stay unchanged but are presented by the playing app at 24/1001 fps.
Then lengthen audio by factor 1.001 (Sony SoundForge etc.) to match the resulting 23.976 video.
This way framerate conversions within encoder are avoided.

Most encoders like NLEs drop, repeat or blend frames/fields.
I recently got some FinalCutPro output to author.
Sources were shot with 4 different cams,
3 set to 25fps, one unfortunately set to 29.97fps.
Project was rendered to 25fps. The result:
Every 6th frame on the 29.97 clips was just missing, not even a thought of blending...

Complete motion-based frame interpolation really is a more expensive Snell&Wilcox
or a more artifacty AviSynth-MVTools way.
Adobe Premiere has from CS3 on a nice, but time-consuming pixel-based moton interpolation.
Maybe this is what helped here.

If one relies on any resizer of framerate conversion within an encoder
(I tried it once within CCE, not useful, a bit better within TE)
then he might be presented with mediocre results.

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