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John Perkins
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Introduction John Perkins

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For the purpose of learning about art(painting), I explore the use of automated painting effects on well composed digital photographs. I call the process Unskilled Art since no manual drawing skills are required.

I normally employ a series of painting effects using several different software programs where the decisions are which effects to apply, in what order, and to what degree. I tend to focus on painting effects that produce outcomes that fall into realism, surrealism, or impressionism.

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Re: Introduction John Perkins

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Hello John,

I'm new to the board. Thought I'd respond so you know someone stopped by.

I'm a RealDraw 5 user, but came to see what might be new. I will be trying out the Dynamic Painter. Sounds interesting and would be a great addition to my collection of graphics programs.

Good luck with your projects!

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