Greetings from Southern Afghanistan and Texas

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Greetings from Southern Afghanistan and Texas

Post by skystryd » does get the attention does it not?

Who: Chuck ... Retired Air Force Air Traffic DOD (department of defense) contractor - Airfield- Air Traffic Controller - Manager. Love...really love the job! Married—Deborah (EastBourne UK)—two sons Jonathan (body guard-air force Japan—Collin - Fox Sky Box Bartender-Manager Doha Qatar (DOD contractor)
Long story as to where...& what...will not bore those not caring. Wish to know bit more? Let me know.
Where: Home is north of Dallas (The Colony)...working in Southern Afghanistan-other mid east vacation spots- since mid-2012. Home in Texas for a few more months. Load of digital pics of AFG, Iraq and Dubai. 9 years in Europe - inspecting airports from Finland down to Israel and most all countries in between....and got paid to do it!!! Outstanding.
What: Photo - too many cameras…Too many lenses.. Attempted to be good by throwing money at the hobby...never works. Sony NEX 5, 7 and 6000. Astrophoto - 3 scopes- celestrons. 8se..6se and 4se with too many accessories-lenses --same stupid throw $ thing. Cars....02 corvette...14 mini countryman...74 MG midget .bikes (motor and not) built for 2 folding bike (came with the mini countryman) it goes in brief type bag to carry in to office...built 2 normal bikes with 49/88 cc motors-geared to go 45 mph-now, they do not stop very well. At all!!....Royal Enfield 40's-60's retro 500cc cycle (best of bunch!) and a china scooter (like a Honda ruckus but with a 150cc motor - up to 55 mph. Make coin rings...$ thrown again...still works great -fun and keeps me off the streets when home. 3D filming editing-rookie level...rock but me thinks I lack the patience. Painting (acrylics) --no,zero and none-- amount of $$ will make be good...but I like them… Few other might...I do. HENCE my interest in DAP ...first purchased in 'about' 2005…not sure when ...can't find the emails...ones I do have start in least 3 licenses for DAP same numbers for all others...someday I will get them all straight...most are on computers I no longer have or will not work right....desert sands or haboobs eat um with sand (and my abuse). Computers- desktops and laptops nut---best bang for buck is still Alien ware...have desk and for air I-dislike apple o/s so I 'book camp' windows on them so I can boot to apple or of both worlds "c/net: An Apple 13-inch Mac Book Pro is the "best-performing" Windows laptop. Go figure.
Why: I am looking for dpk's or AOP's (?) I have another DAP downloaded for appears to be a striped down or table program...does not seem to have as many options or painters...I have 'loaded" dpk’s have not done the templates thing....many ask for help!
OK...I ramble...I apologize and will zip it. ...If I have not worn out my welcome before I start.....looking forward to the association.

Greetings to you one and all...

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