Hello from Vermont

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Hello from Vermont

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I'm an independently published author who uses RD 5 to create my book covers and the images I need for my websites, FB covers and, recently, some graphics to update my eBay templates.

I write kids' and teen novels under my real name, and clean sweet romance under Neenah.

I've tried to use other programs, Paintshop Pro, Photoshop, and a couple of others as I'm a software junkie especially graphics programs. And I always find myself coming back in RealDraw 5. Just is so much easier! I haven't explored the whole of what it does and I've had the program since it first came out, but I will someday. I've seen the awesome things an artist can do in this program. And back in the day, this board or one like it was jumping with activity. So many helpful people were ready to share their knowledge with us noobs.

Even though not much is going on here, I thought I'd drop in and say hello. Let people know there are others out there who use RD 5 and love it.

And now, I must see if anyone at any time posted on how to make a shadow under an image so it doesn't look like it's floating there in mid air.

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