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This is a forum about Multimedia Builder.

Is MMB officially supported?
MMB is a legacy application and the development stopped in 2006 (or so).
It is only user supported, in fact all the developers who were working on MMB are long gone in other companies. The best way how to solve things is to ask the users. Even if you catch a former MMB developer he would probably not remember how things works past his morning coffee. (And I am talking about myself now)

Why it is not being developed further?
The MMB development never really paid for itself and had been for many years subsidized by other products but this couldn't go forewer. We found out that we actually need to pay bills.

Will it be an open source?
MMB uses few commercial libraries that are deeply integrated (like sound library, image loading or the framework) that we licensed. It is rather unimaginable that they could be taken out and replaced by equivalent open source code - frankly it would be much easier to write the whole thing from scratch.

Will there be something to replace MMB?
Who knows. I think the market is already saturated with tools like this and most of the users focus went to things online like flash or even silverlight. Think about such staples as Macromedia (now Adobe) Director. It was the biggest beast, a bread and butter of all multimedia authoring many years ago and today it gets only a passing nod and perhaps a raised eyebrow. MMB (much smaller and far less significiant tool) is affected by the same change.
One idea would be to make a new redesigned MMB from scratch that will be multiplatform, more secure (so no embedding of stuff) and running on both MAC and Windows and perhaps IOS. At this moment I am a bit afraid to take that idea too seriously.

My antivirus flags MMB player or MMB project or MMB instalation as trojan.
Oh, boy, this has been going on and off for years. MMB is rather universal "programming" tool and has been also abused as such by people embedding trojans into their projects. Because the project file is an interpreter that is created by merging MMB player (clean) and a project file (that could have been designed as a virus), some antivirus software make its life easier and simply flags the MMB player as the problem by comparing few binary sequences. It usually takes some weeks or months when the antivirus company will fix that error in their system at which point some other antivirus company will do the same over again. At least it is a good way to check how serious is the antivirus company about their product or if they just play the number game and let their software "find" as much problems as possible on user computers.