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Drag n' Drop Plugin

Post by Sk8cynic »


I'm not sure from whom I received this plugin, but I think it was Delboy...:)

I have been using the Drag n' Drop plugin to drag folders with mp3 music into a songlist box. it works great. Is there a way to tweak the drag n drop plugin code so that individual or multi-selected files can also be dragged and dropped into the songlist box? The normal Drag n Drop check box property for the list box has to be unchecked for the drag n drop folder plugin to work. That prevents individual files from being dragged and dropped into the songlist box.

Here is the page start code (Script):
PluginRun("Drag'n'Drop PlugIn","AcceptFiles")

Here is the Event Handler code (Script):
PluginGet("Drag'n'Drop PlugIn","s$")
**stop audio

Thanks for any help!

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Re: Drag n' Drop Plugin

Post by dgilmour »

I can make plugin that will allow list box to accept both folders and files if you're ready to pay for my time.

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Re: Drag n' Drop Plugin

Post by Primo6210 »

You accept orders to create a plugin. That's good to know. Maybe I could use that one day. Greetings Andy

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