PhotoBlend upcoming feature list (added youtube vid)

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PhotoBlend upcoming feature list (added youtube vid)

Post by Oscar »

I am quite excited to list upcoming features in new Photo Blend. (finally photoblend is getting where I wanted it to be from beginning with many advanced automatic tools

- multiple undo (finally!)
- 3 different automatic mask features that use various object recognition techniques from simple way of just pointing at object you want to mask to fully interactive way - works surprisingly well.
- Auto hair/edge brush, just paint with large brush over thin hair, branches etc and the brush will stick to those thin strands automatically.
- Lens flare
- Camera Lens Blur

Here is overview of the automatic masking

Flare with Lens blur and lens blooming:
flare.jpg (60.14 KiB) Viewed 9976 times
This will be version 2.0. At this moment I am debating if I should charge small upgrade fee or have it free upgrade. I am more inclined to the free upgrade but somehow my accountant don't agree with me. I would probably need some input on this. I would really like people having this new version and I don't want the upgrade fee to be the stopping point - unfortunately Photo Blend didn't get as popular as I hoped it would. What is your input on this?

Anyway, I want to get this one out of the door so I can finally jump into DAP and other things.

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Re: PhotoBlend 2.0 soon, upcoming feature list

Post by Waldo5559 »

I think a reasonable upgrade charge is responsibile. If you do not keep programming and elect to do something else for financial reasons, then there are no updates, no new software, etc. As an accountant, I know you can't run a business without revenue. My preference would to know that you / MediaChance is a fiscally responsible organization and will be around for a while.....JimmyC

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Re: PhotoBlend upcoming feature list

Post by elivarz »

Hello, Oscar!
Thanks for PhotoBlend - it is amazing also direct in this stage. But with the new features - this will be a fantastic breakthrough. Really.
I hope - you remember me from early MMB times. This was wonderful time.
At present most of people are using PC only for movies, internet, social networks - thats all. They take pictures with phones, then use Instagram and post pictures...
More advanced users use Picasa... :D But they alredy are freaks for fellows. 20 years ago I've tested almost all programms I've found in internet. But this time is over.
My friends have seen PhotoBlend and possibilities... some will see a traditional GUI. Maybe this?
But I think, PhotoBlend and with the new features surely is upgrade fee worth.

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Re: PhotoBlend upcoming feature list (added youtube vid)

Post by william »

Hi Oscar
when I worked in ST John for canadian navy I was paid so I think you should be paid for upgrade i'am not a freeloader all the best and give us upgrade now.

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Re: PhotoBlend upcoming feature list (added youtube vid)

Post by mariarti »

Oscar wrote: Photo Blend didn't get as popular as I hoped it would.
Photo Blend is a very popular program. However, not only Photo Blend - all your fantastic programs is very popular
Many, many, many thanks!

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Re: PhotoBlend upcoming feature list (added youtube vid)

Post by megabizzy »

Hi! Oscar!

Remember me? Lynnette Monrean (I helped you edit help files for Real Draw Pro)?

I say: YES, you NEED TO charge an upgrade fee for the new 2.0 Photo Blend program!

PLEASE, let me be the first in line to pay the fee! - whatever it is!

(Thank you for listening about the multiple undo features, by the way!)

I NEED Photo Blend 2.0 RIGHT NOW for this huge project I am working on.

PLEASE release it to us soon...maybe for Christmas or New Years?

I am ready to pay for the upgrade whenever you are ready to add it to
Also, I am watching everyday to see if you add it for us.

Merry Christmas to you, Oscar, and your family.
Hugs, Lyn

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