How do you make photo collages

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How do you make photo collages

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How do you make photo collages where photos blend with each other? I've seen several picture collages where photos fade into the background next to another picture. If that makes sense...nothing is moving, it's a still collage, but it's sort of like the edges of the pictures are blurred to mesh with the other photos? Or the pictures are transparently layered onto each other? I don't know if this makes any sense at all, but I was looking for a safe, free program that could do something to this effect!
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Re: How do you make photo collages

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Re: PhotoBlend software

Well this is the PERFECT program for what you are looking for, is not free...but it is not that costly either!

...but I will tell you it is worth EVERY penny!!!

I have been using it almost non-stop and it does exactly what you are talking about...
The price is very reasonable. Sometimes if you want something *good* then you have to pay for it.

I wouldn't use any other program! Period.

Get the demo, and give it a try, you will be amazed.

Good Luck,

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