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Posted: Tue Nov 25, 2014 4:09 pm
by megabizzy
This software is the most FANTASTIC montage blending software I have ever found.

Yes I am hoping for an update for a few *minor* things for it...

BUT I am HAPPY even if it is never updated again!

The price for this very professional software is a very low price and I would pay three times more for PhotoBlend if I had to.

This software is so amazing for blending many (as many as you want!) images together. And you can cut out pieces (easy masking) (several choices for auto mask features too!)
and even change the opacity, (or use the large number of adjustment features in the program), on any parts of your image pieces in your montage.

All your images pieces and layers are all included in one window and so easy to move around or work on any of them at any time without going through hoops
to get to them... you stay and work in just one window will all the pieces there. NO need for switching back and forth through different windows to get to your layers or pieces!

If you use (the now well known) "photo manipulation' technique, you will love this software for that! Unbelievably easy!
It looks like just a simple software at first, but then, to your amazement, you will soon discover that is is 'packed' with SO MANY great features

PhotoBlend software actually changed my life and has cut my digital graphics photo manipulation workload down to about 1/2 the time.

It is the easiest software to learn because of the quick built-in tutorial window feature you can use, that guides you through your first steps
of photo manipulation (montage work). So simple and not complicated like the other very expensive software.

Lastly, this software has allowed me to make a LOT of money in my digital graphics work field because of the professional job it does!

Thanks Oscar! for making PhotoBlend...