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PhotoBlend for video ?

Posted: Tue Aug 07, 2018 6:19 am
by JEL
Since photoblend uses a much better way to match colors, when replacing a face, than the very popular 'deepfake-app'...

Is there any chance we might see these 2 softwares merge, so Photoblend can do video (Or automated batch-processing of a folder full of still-images, with auto-align and auto-color and so on) ?

Here is an example of what the current deepfake-app can do (And as can be seen it doesn't blend faces nearly as good as photoblend)

The deepfake software is open-source, so if Oscar feels adventurous... :) Maybe there's a new blockbuster software coming from him at some point :)
The open-source deepfake-app: ... -software/

Photoblend is superb for stills, and years ahead in image-quality than the current deepfake-app (PB was released around 2013, and deepfake less than a year ago)
Imagine how cool it would be if Photoblend made use of some of the features from deepfake-app, so we could replace faces with the same quality as photoblend, but on multiple images so we could use it for videos.

Here's hoping :)

Re: PhotoBlend for video ?

Posted: Thu Aug 09, 2018 12:28 am
by JEL
Or perhaps Oscar could use this open-source code ( ), which is said to be even more advanced (It can do the new 'avatar' method which is the latest rage in face-swapping videos)

But none of these have mastered Oscar's clever color-matching when blending :)