Using Morse-code kind series of keystrokes as trigger

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Using Morse-code kind series of keystrokes as trigger

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Hi MultiKeyboard Experts,
here's my project: I want to run a program triggered not by a single keystroke, but by a series of keystrokes on the same key. (A bit like morse code.)
The series of keystrokes would be for example long - short - short, or short - short - long.
Short could be defined as under 0.5 seconds, long could be more than 1 second. Just as an example.
Important: I have an external keypad, but only one of the keys is accessible (this cannot be changed).

So my question is, how could this be achieved? As series of keystrokes are not supported by MultiKeyboard as triggers, I assume the first keystroke could start a script and the following keystrokes (of the same key) would have to be identified by the script, and, if validated as the correct sequence of long and short keystrokes, would eventually run the program I want to use. Also, it would have to be avoided that the keystrokes following the first one would start the script again and again.

Any ideas? (I'm not going to change the setup, my question is only about identifying series of keystrokes of the same key with a MultiKeyboard script)
Alonski :D

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