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Emulating Mouse Scrolling in MKM/MidiM

Posted: Fri May 22, 2020 12:09 pm
by FlyinRiz
I'm wondering if it is possible to emulate the scroll wheel on a mouse with a MIDI rotary encoder?

My use case is to have the various zoom and pan controls in Illustrator (and any application really) controlled by rotary encorders on my MIDI device.

So Ctrl + Scroll (L/R Pan), Alt + Scroll (Zoom), Shift + Scroll (Large Increments Up/Down Pan), Scroll (Up/Down Pan)

I know since the encoders aren't infinite, it would be a little more difficult to implement an infinite emulation, but I'm sure this could be fixed by if a 00 is received, assume down and, 7F, assume up. You'd probably have to keep track of previous state too since rotary direction isn't communicated in the MIDI message, just the absolute direction.