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Re: Members Paintings (General)

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I like what you have done... however without a link to full resolution versions it is difficult to tell what your images really look like.

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Re: Members Paintings (General)

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Hi rgalka.
Grateful for your comment, I am very interested in what you can tell me about your appreciation of my work, so I leave you at the bottom, most of the links to the High Resolution images that I have online. I hope that there you can detail what you want to see. I remain pending, interested and very grateful for your comments.

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Re: Members Paintings (General)

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photo-1555966661-2de8e345f8fb_LG_DAP_Modern_Art.jpg (745.01 KiB) Viewed 134 times

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Re: Members Paintings (General)

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100_1626a_DAP_Coniglietto-11-19-14_00001.jpg (642 KiB) Viewed 96 times

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Re: Members Paintings (General)

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Full Moon_Starry.jpg
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All my edited photos are photographs by me.

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Re: Members Paintings (General)

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Using the pencil preset (settings can be found in the DAP Tips & Tricks area)
The Poser Pencil - 120040.jpg
The Poser Pencil - 120040.jpg (607 KiB) Viewed 18 times

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