List of FREE DAP templates

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Re: List of FREE DAP templates

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Each of the templates may have their own license. Most are free, but some may have restrictions e.g. regarding the content to be processed with them (no offensive motives). I do not remember any templates restricting commercial use, but you may have to check for an explicite statement in each case.

Commercial use of DAP will require a license, and you will benefit from higher resolution canvases to be rendered on.
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Re: List of FREE DAP templates

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LigH, thank you very much for the reply! I know I need proper license for DAP but I really like everything in demo so far. So I'm really looking into purchasing the software.

I'm not sure I will ever sell anything, lol . But I have some images that definitely look better with oil painting effect.
I just wanted to confirm that I am not offending authors using their presets. As some of these are available at DAP Caffe not mentioning the terms of use. I guess I can use them then when I will purchase the full version of the software (maybe I have to ask). Thank you very much.

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