New laptop recommendations/requirements

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New laptop recommendations/requirements

Post by bigskyduck »

Hi, new to the forum, but a long-time user of DPHDR and very happy with its capabilities (particularly over Photomatix which I tried first years ago).

I'm shopping around for a new laptop which will be used primarily for photo-editing (Lightroom and DPHDR) and would appreciate some input from you folks and your recommendations on such things as CPU vs. RAM. Which will DPHDR use most, or is it a trade-off?
What about the graphics card? Preferred manufacturers, amount of VRAM, etc.
This will be a Windows 7, 64-bit, machine. I'm leaning toward Lenovo at the moment...

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Re: New laptop recommendations/requirements

Post by andydansby »

Good luck with still finding a WIndows 7 machine new, Microsoft keeps pushing 8. Though personally I like 7 better than 8, I am running a 64 Bit version of Windows 8 and it chums along just fine.

As for the specs, DPHDR is not a power hungry program, even on my meager $300 machine, things move along just fine with it.

I have a Gateway 64 bit machine with 4GB ram running a Intel B960 processor @ 2.2 GHz. I use DPHDR, Dynamic Auto Painter and Photo Reactor as well as Visual Studio just fine. My machine is a low end laptop.

My advise, spend what you can afford, but I wouldn't go outlandish, use the money you save by buying Oscar's software.

Andy Dansby

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