GenetX textures changing color

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GenetX textures changing color

Post by KevinlBRX »

Playing around with the genetx textures the other day I saw something I hadn't noticed before... and this may be old news to some.
when a genetx texture is applied to a shape it changes size along with the shape (that's not new).
What I've just noticed is that the colors change as well. A square made at 1000px w/the gen-texture applied looked slightly different when increased to 2000px.
Below is a series of squares clock wise from top left showing this.

Just something I thought was interesting.
genetx sample.jpg
genetx sample.jpg (246.01 KiB) Viewed 3867 times

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Re: GenetX textures changing color

Post by Death »

It's the same with outlined shapes.
Try a White circle with a red outline
Now adjust the outline thickness, it will change the circle's fill color to pinkish, it's real bad bug!

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