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Template Sizes

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I develop Android applications and submit them to the Amazon and Google Play Stores. It'd be super beneficial to me if I could have pre-defined sizes
Just in case I'm re-phrasing this wrong, Click on Project, then Size, then where is says Canvas Size, click the pull-down. Is there any way to add your own sizes, or change the sizes listed there with your own names and sizes? If not, I'd strongly suggest this a feature in future versions. IF not, then could I perhaps request at a minimum you add the image sizes required for Google Play Store and Amazon Market?

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Re: Template Sizes

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Section 5.3 of RDhelp.pdf explains the document size philosophy.

I'd suggest that you create template files for each device, or standard, that you are designing for.

Use your template files to save any additional assets needed for the device, eg. icons, frames, dingbats, etc. The template file becomes the standard and asset library.

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