Real Draw Pro 5 has issues

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Real Draw Pro 5 has issues

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Hi Oscar,

I submitted a support ticket for my Real-Draw Pro 5, and didn't hear back from anyone.
It was when the forum was down, though. I am trying to figure out what could be
happening. I love my RealDraw Pro 5, and it gets used. lol The problem now,
that I am having is that the color picker tool isn't working properly. The color
picker tool doesn't pick up color from an object anymore. There are a couple
of other issues that are sort of hard to explain.

Here is what I did to try to solve the problems. I completely removed Real Draw 5
from my computer. I downloaded the trial from mediachance, and then used my
key to unlock the trial version, so that I would have a fresh download of the software,
but this didn't work. So I am open to some ideas about how to fix the problems.

Is it the software, or possibly something to do with my computer? like perhaps some
conflict between programs? I was using Windows XP up until about 10 months
ago, when I got a new computer and now use Windows 8.1. Could that be
the problem? Should I have also removedReal-Draw 4? I also have
Pattern Studio, but I don't think that could be a problem.

Any possible help would be greatly appreciated!

Debbie :)

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