Wishlist for any future update

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Wishlist for any future update

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I often work on files that have to be printed on A4 size files and megarender does not suit my need as I am using images and I am very carefull with output quality. As preset does not allow higher size highr than 2000*2000 I am creating a object with a higher size then Trim Canvas, but I would like to have (1) a size limitation extended to at least 3000*3000 and (2) preset A4 (vertical/ladnscape) available.
Consequently to this each time I open a project I have to resize it down, so (1) I would be interested to have a project remind the zoom so when it opens, it zoom back to the saved zoom, and (2) in addition to the Original Size button, I would like to have a button that when I cilc it it will zoom to have the adjusted zoom to see all object on the screen (with an option fit to visible/fit to all objects).
Still in relation with the size of my files and the memory size required, I used to create a lot of small project then an A4 project in which I copy all small project and the ressources needed are huge. So What I would be interestred in is to have the ability to import a project as an object to reduce the ressources needed (if this is already possible I have not found how to do it) and to simplify the update process, meaning that (1) when I would update a small project, then when I open the A4 project it will check the Project/Object and will update accordingly and (2) when I double click on the Project/Object it will open the small project file then when the file is closed it update the A4 project.



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Re: Wishlist for any future update

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i wish new version to have a base in html export. Graphic element like buttons, squares, outline need to be improved with mor details. And the rotate tool make blurr on object. The Ad artistic tool make big erors and slow real draw pro if is more text.
If i want to resize workspace (for example height: 10px and width: 1px) this working ok and is very useful for background repeat in webdesign. But if i want to import a picture like that , real draw pro crashes.
The undo and redo tool i want to have more history.
When you want to export with html slicer, the export is with an error. Shim file in html code is in root and the file shim is in images folder. I think that tabels with shim.gif is to complex.
I think real draw have a real perspective for web design and for web graphic element. If you want comercial, make0it comercial. The artistic way is for fun. My opinion

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