Where is Realdraw

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Where is Realdraw

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I have used Realdraw since its inception. But I realize that it has not developed pass version 5.2.4 for years now. Is the application dead. If so, which Mediachance applications has replaced Realdraw? Does that application do exactly what Realdraw did, enlarging image outputs, etc. Realdraw did a whole bunch of fancy things, and it will be so sad that that its replacement will not do some of those. Road Redemption is not the replacement of RoadRash!


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Re: Where is Realdraw

Post by Rensheta »

I agree.

Development has moved into UltraSnap, although a few years back Oscar mentioned using USnap's core to update realdraw.

I would like that, plus an update to Photoblend to handle hires images

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