RealDraw works in Linux

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RealDraw works in Linux

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Hey All,
I have been a RD and Meadiachance user since early days.
I dont know if its because Im used to using it', or its logical UI, but I keep coming back to it.
These days I mainy use it for political memes on Facebook. :)
Its my go to tool for quick and eficient drawing and simple photo applications.
Im always surprized at how long this software hase been useful to me, easily 10 or more years.
Anyhow the last few years I have been a Linux user. I can confirm that RD works flawlessly in Linux under WINE.
If you ever did swap to the dark side, please know that you can take the wonderful RD along with you.

If RD ever did become abandonware, Id like to request that it be ported to Linux users. There isnt anything as good in the Linux world and it would be highly treasured.

Talk soon,

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