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Re: Question for Oscar

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I just want to ask Oscar Please don't let Real draw go down
Real draw is great
I didn't buy it yes I use it for hope yes
many people do like me
but this is does not mean that you stop create that creative art of programming
take all the ideas people here speak to you about upgrading RealDraw
Best wishes for you Oscar

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Re: Question for Oscar

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I'll second that...

I still support RDP by sending people here to purchase Real Draw... such a unique program should live/grow/prosper...

It's simply brilliant... and always impresses everyone that sees my work.

I hope that the iOS apps might make it possible to do more work on RDP...

Or how is this for an idea... Real Draw for iOS!! A "baby" version of the program, that *points back* to RDP, so that people can discover RDP through their hand held device!

real-time 3D lighting on textured objects... and simple object and text creation could make for a powerful utility that would be perfect for iMovie Title screens, iOS based slide shows... Teachers use iOS a lot to make wireless live presentations to students... an RD-iOS version might really fly.

All the best, Oscar... !

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