32-bit Plugin Bridge - Doesn't recognize transparency

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32-bit Plugin Bridge - Doesn't recognize transparency

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I'm using 32-bit Plugin Bridge with Photoshop CS6, with Alien Skin Xenofex and Eye Candy 3. Plugin Bridge doesn't seem to be interfacing properly with regards to selection. This bug is a little hard to explain though.

If I select a circle in a canvas that has a transparent background, I then want to use a filter that recognizes the shape of the curved edges. With some filters like "gaussian blur" it doesn't matter much, because they're evenly distributed. But other filters such as Chrome depend on the shape of your selection for their output. With 32-bit Plugin Bridge, the filter will act as though I've selected the entire canvas, and then apply the effect within the selection itself. In the filter preview you can see the entire canvas filled with the effect, rather than just the selection.

In an effect like Chrome, which turns your selected shape into a 3D looking metal object, will instead create a flat gray shape instead, because the effect was distributed over a much larger shape. I hope this makes sense. Furthermore, some filters won't work at all, giving the error message "this filter requires a selection or layer with transparency", when the layer actually has transparency.

I'm posting here because the contact form for Mediachance doesn't work on their site. I purchased this software and have no way to contact them with this bug. Maybe someone will see it!

Thank you so much to anyone that bothered to read this. Cheers and good day to you!

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