Installing ReDynamix in PSE 14 in Windows 10

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Installing ReDynamix in PSE 14 in Windows 10

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My name is Herb. I live in NY and I am an advanced amateur/enthusiast photographer.

I am also a member of the UHH (Ugly Hedgehog) photography forum.

I've been using ReDynamix for several years and it's gone with me from Win 7, or earlier.
Now I'm trying to get it installed on my Windows 10 PC and can't seem to get it into PSE 14.

I'd also like to know if it works with LR 5.7.

Can someone help me, or direct me to the correct forum for help?

I've looked at some of the related forums and there's mention of a 64 bit version.
Is this a free upgrade, or do I have to buy it?

Herb L

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Re: Installing ReDynamix in PSE 14 in Windows 10

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Both versions are available here

or direct link to exe here

The plug-in is for Windows platform. They work on XP, Vista, Win7 32 bit or 64 bit

Plugin works for both 32/64 bit Photoshop host on both Windows 32 and 64 bit

The compatibility include (but it is not limited to):

Adobe Photoshop 5, 6, 7,CS,CS2,CS3,CS4,CS5, CS6
Adobe Photoshop Elements 1 and newer
PaintShop Pro 8 and newer
Photobrush 5

Update: Please let us know results

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