Printing Large Scale

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Printing Large Scale

Post by icecreamx »

Hi, (printing noob here)

For printing 55" x 36" on cotton canvas, large format inkjet.

Can DAP put out a file that size?
Would it be better just taking the default size from DAP and then adjusting it in Photoshop? (I suppose that would not look good though on final output, not sure)
Does DAP save as RGB or CMYK? Doe it matter?
How does DAP handle color correction or is (should) that be done post in Photoshop?

In general, just looking for any printing tips advice for various sizes, 55" x 36" is the largest I'm looking at doing.

Thanks in advance! :)

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Re: Printing Large Scale

Post by m3imagery »

I've printed images that size from DAP before on canvas. I own a Canon iPF8100 42" and use Canon Artistic Satin Canvas.

To answer a couple questions, the printer, according to who I've talked to, prefers RGB to CMYK and everything I've done has been in RBG.

I've never actually saved an image that's 36" wide but rather I use one that's closer to 20". I've found that even at 120dpi you get a very high quality print. Plus, the fact that you'd be using canvas means that a lot of your smaller detail will be lost anyway in the fibers of the material, however it still looks awesome.

Any time I use DAP I open the image back in photoshop to make adjustments, and then I print from Lightroom.

Are you doing the printing or using someone else? I do a lot of printing for local artists and it's great to be able to see a proof vs going to an online vendor and not knowing how it'll look until it's shipped. If you were near Atlanta I'd be able to do the same thing for you.

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