PhotoBlend 2.0 released

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PhotoBlend 2.0 released

Post by Oscar »

The PB 2.0 is oficialy out

- multiple undo
- automatic mask features that use various object recognition techniques from simple way of just pointing at object you want to mask to fully interactive way - works surprisingly well.
- Auto hair/edge brush, just paint with large brush over thin hair, branches etc and the brush will stick to those thin strands automatically.
- Lens flare
- Camera Lens Blur
- 32 and 64 bit versions

The Quick Tutorial has been also updated to showcase some of the new features, to show the tutorial Menu: View-Show Tutorial.

Installation: the 32 bit version overwrite the v.1.x, the 64 bit version installs in separate directory. Anyway, check About box to make sure you run the new version. The 64 bit version will say 64 bit build in About box.

Upgrade: enter your Photo Blend 1.x reg. code to the installed 2.x and it will offer the upgrade which is about $18

Here is overview of the automatic masking

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Re: PhotoBlend 2.0 released

Post by Delboy »

Thanks Oscar

Will have to check v2.0 out ;)

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Re: PhotoBlend 2.0 released

Post by elivarz »

Many thanks, Oscar, and a happy New year!!!!
Version 2 works like a charm. Purchased upgrade :)

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Re: PhotoBlend 2.0 released

Post by megabizzy »

Yes, Thank you soooooo much Oscar for the upgrade for PhotoBlend 3D.2

I am so happy to have it! :mrgreen: YAY! I am playing tonight with my new PhotoBlend 3D.2 software
I can't wait to try the new quick masking features. Wow I am soooooo excited to get the upgrade.

Hints if buying through
For those that have had problems with receiving emails from SWREG, make sure you purchase their
$3.95 Registration Backup Service so you can go to their site and get your reg codes at any time.
Also make sure you write down your order number, the date, your purchase email addy, at the time of ordering
(from the online purchase receipt). Or better yet, just print out your online purchase receipt.

Oscar you made me a very :D happy person adding more times for the undo features as well...
I wish you and your family every success and all the prosperity in the world for 2013
Hugs, Lyn/megabizzy (Lynnette Monrean)

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Re: PhotoBlend 2.0 released

Post by PeterL »

Thanks. Upgraded. Works great here.

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Re: PhotoBlend 2.0 released

Post by megabizzy »

:P :P :P
Back with more testimony!

OMG!!! The PhotoBlend 2.0 is - I can't find words or icons for my feelings - BUT...

Totally AWSOME... :mrgreen:

Last night my client wanted to see one of the pieces I have been working on...
and I used PhotoBlend 2 in just a few clicks I had a very professional 'cutout' of an intricate image
that normally would take me a long time to do in another program.

I am soooooooooooo happy with this software now - I feel like I am in a dream world using it.

@everyone here:
You are all basically working on 'one' image, but my projects are either 36 images or 78 images per client and my work
is totally based on collage work (cutting out pieces from several images and incorporating them into another single image)
So now you can see why I am so ecstatic about this version 2 - OMG it is now making my life so easy with that 'one - two click' cutting out!

Oscar, a long time ago, I told you that you are a genius...remember?
Well today I am telling you that you are the 'KING' of Geniuses!

Sending you and your family the BIGGEST HUGS in the world...
Lyn (Lynnette Monrean aka megabizzy)
p.s. Oscar, you have my permission to use my testimony in any way you need.

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Re: PhotoBlend 2.0 released

Post by D&D »

There isn't any difference between automatic masking and MAGIC :shock:

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Re: PhotoBlend 2.0 released

Post by Wutz »

D&D wrote:There isn't any difference between automatic masking and MAGIC :shock:
So true...
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Re: PhotoBlend 2.0 released

Post by Yuma »

Oscar. I just noticed the new release. I join the rest of the group to say thank you. No words. Fantastic! Yuma

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Re: WOW...AGAIN...PhotoBlend 2.0 released

Post by megabizzy »

:P :mrgreen:
Oscar...back again with more 'WOW' this is amazing new masking in Photoblend...

What a big difference between version 1 and version 2 ... did member, D&D, say 'magic?' It truly IS!!!

I have to report that I am about half way now in my '36' little separate art projects and my client
is extremely happy. I used to use about 4 to 5 'different' softwares - now only PhotoBlend and Real Draw Pro.

You have taken all the hard work out of masking, I can't even believe it!!! But with just a few strokes an image is masked and cut out!

The other amazing part of PhotoBlend is its unique feature of 'BLENDING' that masked cut out with the main background.
Plus I have noticed that I can 'enlarge' my masked cut out much bigger right in PhotoBlend (without any distortion) than I can in
any other software. I hope that makes sense because that is a big portion of the 'GOLD' found in PhotoBlend.
PLUS you can also 'darken, lighten, and change the hue and saturation' of your masked cut out piece - and more!

And, oh the new 'hair brush' to mask even the tiniest of people or animal hairs, or 'anything' like bushes, leaves, etc.
That works UNBELIEVABLY well !!!

I see there are many more features here that I haven't tried or learned yet with PhotoBlend,
but I don't know how much magic I can take at one time...LOL

This software has TOTALLY changed my life and has given me amazing 'skills' of designing/creating artwork for my clients.
They are totally blown away by my work now, and they have no idea how easy it is for me now.

I used to want to learn more in photoshop - don't need it anymore!!!

And Yuma, you are right - there are "no words" to describe PhotoBlend, but I know that when I wake up, I can't wait to
do my necessary chores and then jump right into having fun with this wonderful amazing software.

Thank you AGAIN, Oscar...AND yes, again, I say that you are the KING OF doubt!
Give your lovely family a hug for me,

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