Multithread for batch processing

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Multithread for batch processing

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Hello Oscar, All,

Happy user of DAP here, congrats for this amazing software!

I've noticed that when running a painting, either a single one or in batch mode, not all my CPU is used. I suppose it's only using one core.
I've found some thread in this forum regarding this, back from version 4.0, and I was wondering if something was changed? Is there something I can do to get closer to 100% CPU use? I see that disk or memory are not the bottlenecks to overall speed.

If that's too complicated as it would mean to rewrite the core logic, could maybe the batch mode alone use that?

What I mean by that: whatever white magic DAP is doing for one picture at a time on one core, could it run it several times in parallel for different pictures on different cores, one picture at a time per core?

As a quick and dirty scenario:
If the batch is 20 files and the PC is 4 core:
Run 4 batches of 20 / 4 = 5 files, each on its own core, like little DAPs side by side.

Would that be easier to code?

I'd be happy to be a beta tester :D

thanks to consider it!

best regards,

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