EditStudio no longer supports MPEG2

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EditStudio no longer supports MPEG2

Post by Oscar »

30. Nov 2012 - Due to the expiration of license between Mediachance and Rovi corp the new owner of Mainconcept MPEG2 engine, Edit Studio 6 installation from this date onward no longer contains Mainconcept MPEG2 libraries.
The price of EditStudio had been permanently cut in half and remains an excellent and inexpensive choice for DV and AVI codec based editing with multiple camera support.

It doesn't affect previous users, you can use the EditStudio with MC as before.

If you need to reinstall previously purchased EditStudio, you can add the MC libraries manually (unzip it) to the ES6 folder Example: C:/(Program Files (x86)/EditStudio6/ after installation
Removed dll's: (this file is temporary hosted here, please d/l for your archive I will remove it shortly)
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Re: EditStudio no longer supports MPEG2

Post by Ian Bell »

Hi there,

When I run ES6_MC, I get The Following error message
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Can someone help?

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Re: EditStudio no longer supports MPEG2

Post by Vapymid »

Looks like you need an archiver capable of decompressing ZIP files, such as 7-zip or WinZip.

The file (ES6_MC) is not supposed to be "run" - it is just a pack of compressed files, which will be missing from ES6 installer from now on. However, if you already have the previous version of ES6 installer you don't need the new file at all.

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Re: EditStudio no longer supports MPEG2

Post by Diane23 »

Yes, been using the archive software and it works smoothly.

Thank you for sharing.
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